Jody (rockofpeace) wrote in sexie__duck,

whoo! PICTURES!!

this is what happens when i am extremely bored and have friends that don't mind being added to the huge list of livejournal/myspace whores.

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first, a premium butt shot.

title or description
he thinks he's fly.

title or description
natural position without sam's coaching...

title or description
natural position + sam's expertice.

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the kid does have a good bod.

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hes always on my computer. ALWAYS.

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i think these were the best.

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i forget why we made him turn his shirt inside out.

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thought i'd throw one of these in.

just to let you know... that was from a really long time ago (i'm guessing mid-late november?) and i don't know if i was allowed to put these pictures on here but i decided to because it was getting really boring and yah... sam wanted jordan to post em i think... so people could read his journal or something... i dont know why you would want to... but if you do here it is
oh and a special thanks to the one, the only jordan lambert for letting us do this (plus alot more stupid stuff) to him. heh :-D
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